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Tickets are SOLD OUT! To get a spot on the waitlist in case of cancellations, send an email to: 

Tickets are sold on a Sliding Scale of $125-225, depending on what you can afford.

If you aren't able to pay by etransfer, credit and debit card options are available through Paypal as indicated in the form.

*Note: Ticket form best viewed on a computer, not a phone!

Your ticket includes:
- breakfast on Saturday

- dinner on Saturday

- brunch on Sunday

- some surprise snacks

- a place to put your tent

- access to all workshops and bals

We're aiming to sell 61 tickets.

Our expenses ($10,700)/61= $175.41

$175.41 is the average ticket price we need to break even.


Children under 7 are free. Contact us about children older than 7. Please note there is no children-specific programming, and you are responsible for your children at all times.

Our expenses for the weekend:
$2000 - venue, insurance, portapotties, drinking water, prepping field for camping, other venue expenses

$4650 - Performers' Fees (including our international performers from France and USA)

$3200 - food + 2 chefs for 60 attendees + 30 performers/staff

$350 - Promotion + Printing costs

$500 - misc. unforeseen expenses

In-kind donations:
*Sound gear / sound person 

*Administration / organization

*Some of the performers


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