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Big Branches gone by

The first Big Branch Festival was held in 2018 at Unicamp, near Honeywood ON. In 2022 we moved to Leopard Frog Farm, in Battersea ON.

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Performers 2023

Bougnat Sound (France) | Chabanne (France) | Duo Gowan/Stam (Canada) | Duo Hendrix/Mackie (Belgium/Canada) | Éloise & Co (USA) | Emilyn & John (Canada) | Tangi & Imi (Canada) | Vinta (Canada)

Performers 2022 (Little Branch)

Duo Dueymes/Witman | Tangi & Imi | Vinta | Duo Gowan Stam | Duo Stam Williams | Breakfast of Champignons

(all Canada)

Performers 2019

Adar (Basque Country & Gascony) | Benoit Roblin (France) | Dani Padpé [dance instruction and performer] (France) | Duo Courdoy/Jonsson (France/Sweden)| Moskitto Bar (Canada)

Performers 2018

Duo Rivaud - Lacouchie (Limousin, France) | Emilyn Stam and Filippo Gambetta (Canada/Italy) | Laüsa (Gascony, France) | Le Bour-Bodros (Brittany, France) | Louise Marius: Dance Teacher (Netherlands)

Past Artwork & Posters

All artwork by Kathryn Durst 

Our first festival

Video by Reenie Perkovic

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